Martin Archer is a leading light in the Sheffield and UK improv scene, with many releases to his name. He’s the same age as I am and our paths have occaisionally crossed (I supported Bass Tone Trap at the Leadmill in the 80s and we both played with Chris Meloche’s Outward Sound Ensemble in the noughties) but it’s curious that we’ve never actually played together as a duo, until now.

Our musical paths have been quite different, he following a challenging, some might say extreme approach to music, whereas I had a far more conventional “band-based” approach, although my solo looping has been an important strand since the 80s. So, it’s wonderful that we find common ground after all these years.

We had a single warm-up session the night before, but otherwise went into the performance with few structured ideas. You can judge for yourself how the meeting of minds went – I’ve split the video into two parts so as to ease your pain somewhat. Despite the visual evidence to the contrary, I *was* there!

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