The current trend for multi-fx seems 100% down the foot-pedal market. Apart from the dubious merits of having £1000+ worth of gear on the beer-sodden stage to jump up and down on, I’ve yet to find a pedal that is compact and can be configured they way I like it (easy patch jump, switch effects on & off easily within a patch etc etc). I realise different players want different options, but a bit of common sense would help – for example, why does the TC Nova system have a *dedicated* reverb button on the lower bank of switches?

My Boss GT5 is pretty good but lacks things like a range of echoes. So, when I saw the GT001, I thought – excellent, loads of modern sounds, compact unit, cheap, hook up my FCB1010 and I’m away. Sadly not, it has no midi socket. What were they thinking?? With a midi controller, it would be a superb & flexible solution.

There are plenty of us enlightened twangers who are familiar with midi and love the flexibility it offers, who just want a nice 1U rack with all the gubbins inside to be controlled by a midi pedal. C’mon Boss, you know it makes sense.

Below a possible DIY solution. My quest continues.


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