Meson at the 3 cranes 2013 - photo Richard Webb Wood Gledhill
Meson at the 3 cranes 2013 – photo Richard Webb Wood Gledhill

There is, a pub, in Sheffield
They call the Three-ee Cranes
And it’s bin, the venue, for many a band
And god, I know I’m two.

Yes, the TRaMpOLinES festival organised by Bo Meson, Rob Tarana and a horde of volunteers turned the 3 Cranes in central Sheffield into a festival of Woodstockian proportions (kind of). Frankly, I’d forgotten that pubs like this were still open near the Sheffield city centre – most have been turned into diners or wine bars, essentially full of twa*ts.

This pub is cosy, friendly, welcoming, good nosh, has a pool table you don’t have to queue for, and they opened up to allow musicians, poets and performers of all kinds to “express themselves” over three days (and nights). Punters of all kinds and predelictions mingled amiably.

I played on Saturday night as part of the legendary Meson collective, this time with Rob Tarana on drums and Roddy McMillan on bass with the initimable Bo hisself. The mood of the evening was that of “fecund jazz” and so I strayed into atonal territories now and again! Sunday night saw me on my lonesome, looping away with my laptop. As ever it crashed during the soundcheck, then behaved itself for the rest of the night. I was even inspired to add a section of Riley-esque looped organ, for good measure.

The festival was judged a success by all and I hope will be returning before too long.

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