Meersbrook Walled Garden june 2013
Meersbrook Walled Garden june 2013

I played a small festival in Meersbrook Walled Garden recently, during one Sunday lunchtime. The weather was excellent (for England!) but a couple of niggles got on my nerves. Firstly, the band that were following me did a vocal soundcheck whilst I was playing – “one two’ing” and so forth. Totally inconsiderate.

The second issue was that the lights on my Line6 M13 (the minimal looping hardware I use for smaller gigs) were totally invisible due to the strong sunshine. Using this pedal requires instant awareness of what lights are on, whether you’re in looping or effects mode etc. and I was stumped! I got by with a deal of bending over and squinting, but it wouldn’t have made for a very relaxed visual experience!

With bright LEDs freely available, I’m amazed manufacturers don’t make the lights bright enough to see by daylight.

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