HX effects patches for sale

When I first came across a guy making and selling HX presets, I was initially annoyed by the fact that most people just explain how to do it, rather than profit from it. However, on reflection and after checking his presets out, they really do push the boundaries of what can be achieved and represent […]

Note to self

I need to remember that however exciting a new sound is at home, it’s not usually a good idea to launch it upon an audience later that evening. Like most looping pedals, the one on my HX effects has no feedback control, so it can’t fade away. My plan was to fade in a long […]

Freeze / hold reverb effect on the HX

I’ve loved the “freeze” effect for years but never actually bought one due to balancing cost with pedal-board space and how often I’d actually use it. I’ve tried to achieve a similar effect using the HX. Given that it doesn’t have a “hold” feature, I’ve used a reverb set to maximum decay to simulate it. […]

HX effects looper features

This is an amazing multiFX device, based on the Helix devices, but without the amp modelling. Many players like to use their amp for “tone”, so this is an ideal and highly compact solution. featuring an unbelievable selection of classic and modern effects, with many parameters than can very easily be assigned to one of […]