I’ve used the Roland GP100 for many years as a source of both tone and effects, but to make best use of it, you need a midi controller pedal of some kind, ideally with an expression pedal. In my quest to minimise the gear I use for my covers band, I’ve picked up a Roland GT3. This has amp sims built in, so in theory, I can plug it directly into my marshall 2020 valve power amp, so that plus the cab and 1 extra cable would be all I need.

OK, it’s never going to sound like a true valve amp setup, but I should get close enough for the variety of amp sounds I need, covering pop to funk to rock to screaming solos. There’s just the one delay type, but it is 12 odd years old and live, the subtleties between delay types probably won’t be noticed by most people anyway. At £80, it seems cheap enough.

Below is one of the promo vids I checked out before deciding. Lots of weird sounds if I need them and two controllers plus and optional pedal input should give me the flexibility I need for real time control, something I like to make use of. So, time to set up some basic patches for the Riffs!



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