Red Zoo

Back in the 80s, I joined a band called Active Gliders, who arose from the ashes of Veiled Threat. Rapidly renaming ourselves Red Zoo. We snagged had a deal with Polydor under the Typhoon Saturday name and released 3 singles to minimal success. With the help of google, I managed to track down the original line-up and invited them to a get-together. Sadly vocalist Elaine McLeod was the only one prepared to properly commit, so we kept looking.

We found a new rhythm section (the fabulous Short Brothers Jon & Nic) and are relaunching our quest for pop stardom! Or something. As well as some of the  “classics”, we’re writing new material and looking to gig.

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Red Zoo

Recent events have had me digging through my archives to back when I was nearly a contender. This track from ’81 by “Red Zoo” was

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