Back in the 80s, I joined a band called Active Gliders, rapidly renamed Red Zoo. We later had a deal with Polydor under the Typhoon Saturday name and released 3 singles to minimal success. With the help of google, I managed to track down the original line-up and invited them to a get-together. Sadly bassist Derek/Les are no longer playing, but vocalist Elaine McLeod and drummer Nigel Fitzpatrick were game.

Allen Walton (ex She Said) stepped in to help out on bass, but unfortunately had too many musical commitments to stay long.Β Out of the blue, bassist Michael “Max” Wall (ex Past Seven Days) signed up and we started rehearsing. We played a gig for my 60th birthday party, playing some of our old “classics”. However, Max and Nigel decided to step back – the life style of us oldies doesn’t always allow for rock’n’roll.

Elaine and I have recently found a new rhythm section (the fabulous Short Brothers!) and are relaunching our quest for pop stardom! Or something….

Red Zoo rehearsals

We’re just itching to get playing together again, although there seems no end in sight any day soon. Here’s a (drum heavy!) recording of “Believe it or not” (never released) from our last rehearsal.

      Believe It Or Not

Testing 12

The last demo vinyl I had was in 1982, “Another Flight” by Typhoon Saturday, recorded & mixed by Kevin Bacon, rejected by Polydor in favour of the substandard version that was finally released. It’s more than a little weird to be holding a test cut of Das Rad’s forthcoming vinyl effort, nearly 40 years later. Have to confess, I never thought it would happen, but I’m delighted that it has!


We’ve unearthed the old Typhoon Saturday classic B side “Fascination” and stripped it back for the duo πŸ˜‰

Here’s the original, will upload the new version when it’s ready…

      Typhoon Saturday – Fascination (B side)

Bishops House 2017

A couple of tunes from our debut gig as a duo, at Bishops’ House in Sheffield as support to Frostlake. Our sound is still a work in progress (it’s hard to radically re-arrange songs you’ve had in your head for 30 years!) , but you’ll get the general idea.

and then there were two…

When you get your 80s band together again, the freedom is amazing, all the ego problems of our youth long sublimated by maturity. But then different issues arise, middle-aged choices about life-style and commitment, resulting in Elaine and I now working as a duo, stripped back with a few loops (hopefully) entering the equation. Some old tunes re-imagined and hopefully some new material.

Our first outing is at Bishops’ house on Dec. 17, supporting the inimitable Frostlake. Coincidentally, I’m also there on Dec. 2nd playing with a shakuhachi player (Herve Perez) as String Theology πŸ˜‰

Tickets here

Red Zoo by errr Red Zoo

This tune was first recorded during our demos made in Fairview Studios near Hull and appeared on the “Bucket of Sleet Cassette release. Here it is, 35 years later at a recent rehearsal, showing at least one of us (cough) can’t count backwards πŸ˜‰

      red_zoo 9 July


Happy Birthday Elaine

Readers will no doubt be enjoying the earth-shattering news that Red Zoo have reformed (albeit with “new” bassist Max). Well, it’s singer Elaine’s birthday today, so here’s a shot from the good old days, when we played at the Lion on the Wicker on the 80s.

lion on wicker


Red Zoo live! Yes!

At my recent 60th birthday celebrations (organised in secret by my my family) my band from the 80s, Red Zoo, finally lugged our zimmer frames onto a stage and performed a full set of originals (plus a new toon by bassist Max). And here’s proof πŸ˜‰


Red Zoo 2016 rehearsal #2

My band “Red Zoo” from the 80s have re-united at long last, to play a memorial concert for our dear friend Martin Lilleker. Here’s a song from their early back catalogue called “Torch”, as featured on the Bouquet Of Steel album (under the name “Veiled Threat” – thanks to Les & Pete for writing it)