Lost Garden

Lost Garden is a project led by Nick Robinson, creating a dark ambient (or pick your own genre!) sound. They mix quasi-improvised instrumental pieces with more structured forms.

On their debut album Cotyledon they were joined by Andy Peake (ex Comsat Angels). The two musicians meshed beautifully (often impossible to identify who plays what!) and compare the performance process to “painting with sound” where dynamics and timbre are key elements. They used keyboards, guitars and loops to improvise pieces – captured and taken back to the “studio” for re-arranging, mixing and post-treatment.

Sadly, Andy’s schedule didn’t allow him to continue with the project. Their projected second album “Senescence” has been released on bandcamp.

Their 3rd album, “Bunting Nook” is due out this autumn on Discus Music and features music created solely with the guitar.


Bunting Nook

Mixing almost complete (it’s never really finished!) for Lost Garden’s 3rd album. I thought I’d share a stem of fuzzy guitar, subtly(!) inspired by my

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Lost Lost Garden

I’ve just been listening through the Lost Garden follow-up album which was scratched when Andy Peake had to leave due to various life pressures. Call

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A nice photo from a gig at Bishops’ House with Lost Garden..

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Lee Rosy’s Tea Party

LG played a gig in Nottingham last night, at Lee Rosy’s Tea emporium, home of the wonderful Church of Sound events curated by Jez Creek.

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