DAS RAD is an outfit with  Martin Archer (wind / electronica / keys), Steve Dinsdale (percussion / keys) and myself on guitar & loops. Our second album is now out. Some posts below, but please visit our main site www.dasrad.uk!

Testing 12

The last demo vinyl I had was in 1982, “Another Flight” by Typhoon Saturday, recorded & mixed by Kevin Bacon, rejected by Polydor in favour of the substandard version that was finally released. It’s more than a little weird to be holding a test cut of Das Rad’s forthcoming vinyl effort, nearly 40 years later. Have to confess, I never thought it would happen, but I’m delighted that it has!

Das Rad on vinyl!

Two new tracks on 10” VINYL (plus download once the vinyl is sold out) in a strictly limited edition of just 50 physical copies, signed and numbered.

Buy now to secure your copy – shipping will be early December 2020.

As vinyl lovers from our younger days, Discus Music always hoped to revisit the format when economically viable and here is a “toe in the water” release. If it’s a success, more may follow! It features 2 tracks by Das Rad, especially recorded for this project – “Qul Na Qar” and “Alysum”. Individually hand-cut and checked by a local lathier, the package will include gifts such as hand-made origami and signed sleeve liner.

Here’s a “teaser”!

Das Rad – a pre-review and a half!

A pre-review from Darren Bergstein (Downtown Music Gallery NY) – no money changed hands!

NP: You want something completely different? You got it. Rarely am I rendered speechless by a recording, but when those moments occur, it’s pure heavenly euphoria. This, the second Das Rad joint, is, to put simply, astounding. Progressive music in the truest sense of the term, transcending the oft-clichéd sobriquet ‘prog’. The trio—Martin Archer, Steve Dinsdale, and Nick Robinson—walk in the footsteps of the rock/jazz/fusion gods of the 70s but make their imprints deeper, more unshapely, and longer-lasting. Ears be blown here, folks. Formal review for the Downtown Music Gallery website pending. In the meantime, I post my two-cents herein. Godlike.

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New album by Sheffield’s Das Rad

Adios Al Futuro (goodbye to the future) is the second album by Das Rad – the Sheffield-based trio of myself, Martin Archer & Steve Dinsdale. (RAD, geddit?)

Ou self-titled debut album on Discus records attracted some rave reviews, neatly summarised by “they seem to encapsulate and deconstruct the entire history of British avant-rock in one fell swoop”. Their new offering “expands and refines their sound, featuring a combination of composed and improvised music, bringing together the personalities of the musicians”.

The album was released this weekend and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a free “Das Rad Magic Cube” – a chance to practice origami while enjoying the music. There’s a possible accusation of bias, but we recommend you invest in both!


Das Rad 2 mixing

Working on mixes of some improv pieces for “Hallo Europa”, the next album by Das Rad, thought I’d share a snippet of live guitar looping (and why not?)

      looped guitar

DAS RAD recording sessions

We’ve just spent two days fueled with creative adrenalin to lay the groundwork for our first album. Endless thanks to Jan Todd, who “rode the faders” and to Mrs A, who supplied gastronomic delights 😉

More details to follow

DAS RAD live audio

Here’s the audio (45 minutes) from our gig in 2016 – better late than never – these things must be done delicately!


      DAS RAD live at the 3 Cranes

DAS RAD live at the 3 Cranes

Our second outing was part of the day of Discus Music at the 3 Cranes, part of the Tramlines Festival. Playing (somewhat unusually) during the daytime, Martin, Steve and I played just a single piece, lasting over 7 hours. Maybe.  Photos by Kathy and others 😉

And here’s a short video extract from the gig – for the full show you’ll have to buy the DVD 😉