I had decided to add another looper track to ableton, so needed to reprogram a bank of the FCB1010 to control it. So, I copy the bank, paste into the next slot, adjust the CC values and send the sysex file back to the FCB. Or rather not, since no matter what I sent, it either didn’t accept or store the values properly. So, I tried with a BCR2000 midi controller, only to find that it doesn’t, apparently, send complete sysex fles. I tried a midi/usb cheapo cable, that whilst it received, it didn’t send.

AN edirol controller lent by a friend seems to have gone tits-up, my edirol PCR300 controller has midi in & out, but the input isn’t passed to the output! So after more or less a days faffing about, resetting the device & reinitialising the Uno chip inside, I dug out & dusted down my old PC which has a DMX fire soundcard, with midi I/O – under XP, this actually worked. I can’t believe it is so difficult to send a sysex file down a midi cable, but under win8, I cannot find a way to do this. Arse and again, ARSE.

Just sharing my pain and please keep any “buy a mac” quips to yourselves!

Update – after checking the database of FCB friendly devices on the yahoo-uno page, I bought a cheap (£13) midiman midisport 2×2, which works perfectly under XP – I’m sure I can look forward to endless fun when my laptop finally moves up from XP ;(

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