A pre-review from Darren Bergstein (Downtown Music Gallery NY) – no money changed hands!

NP: You want something completely different? You got it. Rarely am I rendered speechless by a recording, but when those moments occur, it’s pure heavenly euphoria. This, the second Das Rad joint, is, to put simply, astounding. Progressive music in the truest sense of the term, transcending the oft-clichéd sobriquet ‘prog’. The trio—Martin Archer, Steve Dinsdale, and Nick Robinson—walk in the footsteps of the rock/jazz/fusion gods of the 70s but make their imprints deeper, more unshapely, and longer-lasting. Ears be blown here, folks. Formal review for the Downtown Music Gallery website pending. In the meantime, I post my two-cents herein. Godlike.

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