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Bishop's House 2013 with Martin Archer

Off the cuff

I’m working on some contributions to a Martin Archer project and sent him 4 individual tracks (recorded without hearing the others) to chop up. Just

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Merry Christmas!

I saw thread about favourite obscure Xmas tunes – I like to think this is pretty obscure, Reindeer Ride by Roger Lavern and The Microns.

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Das Rad 2 mixing

Working on mixes of some improv pieces for “Hallo Europa”, the next album by Das Rad, thought I’d share a snippet of live guitar looping

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Skoulaman in the UK

Last year I played a set at the Awakenings gig in Rugeley, with fellow artists Skoulaman (Hans van Kroonenburg from the Netherlands) and Peter Challoner

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Mik Glaisher, Andy Peake, John Prideaux and Nick Robinson - Jam1B

Just jammin

Some while back, Andy Peake, Mik Glaisher & I were joined by bassist John Prideaux for some Davis-esque jam sessions. It was going places, but

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Audio area updated

I’ve been tidying up the audio on my site, it’s now in user-friendly tabs for your listening pleasure 😉 Request for other forgotten classics welcomed

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