My annual jaunt to Burton On Trent was yet another wonderful evening of music from the Ambient Live team. I played first, followed by Neil Fellowes (and son Callum) and the truly wonderful AirSculpture. The audience was slightly larger than usual, with an unexpected smattering of (gasp!) women to be seen.

awakening 2013The temperature indoors was unpleasantly high, not helped by the rigid seating (I forget every time to bring a cushion). Complaints about “noise” from a local resident meant the doors had to be closed during performances, although not for mine, being so gentle on the ears 😉

My laptop had it’s daily crash during the soundcheck, so performed impeccably for my 35 minute set. I’m still struggling to make effective use of the controller, largely due to the faff of selecting control map sets using a rotary controller and pressing another key to switch the active channel on ableton. I’m sure this will get easier with practise, but I probably need to find another controller. I resisted the temptation to use the keyboard itself!

One feature of the Awakenings gigs is that you can buy a “virtual ticket” and receive an audio file of the complete evening – this is a wonderful idea, recognisijng that ambient fans can’t be expected to travel the length and breadth of Britain for their fix. I look forward to reliving the evenings performances in due course.

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