I’m now using the superb Boss GT-1 both my primary tone source as well as providing a USB/audio interface. One of the compromises of its low price is limited switch options; if you want to retain the patch up/down switches, you are left with a control switch and a further switch on the expression pedal (which usually triggers pitch or wah but can be reconfigured and extended). However, round the back is an input for either another expression pedal, or two single pedals via a stereo cable. This works with either latching or momentary foot-switches, you set the mode internally.

So, you can set up further foot-operated options such as effect on/off, boost, solo, tuning as well as changing parameters within a setting (best done through the graphical interface of the Tone Studio software). Having selected a control target for these external switches, you can then layer up to 6 simultaneous changes, so one tap could add echo, subtle chorus and a deeper reverb, for example.

Having got my had around this, I commissioned Arachnid Audio to come up with a suitably hi-spec container fitted with two “silent” momentary switches, different colour LEDs (they let me choose!) and a “thru” system for the power, so the GT-1 power cable plugs into the switch (to power the LEDs), then a standard male to male power cable passes power on to the GT-1. It arrived and works perfectly, looking pretty cool into the bargain 😉

I highly recommend this solution which provides a huge increase in versatility and slips nicely into your gig-bag. Arachnid Audio were superb to work with and their pedal is top quality and looks cool, plus it cost me less than £30, including postage! They do lots of other switching solutions as well.

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