Red Zoo

Back in the 80s, I joined a band called Active Gliders, rapidly renamed Red Zoo. We later had a deal with Polydor under the Typhoon Saturday name and released 3 singles to minimal success. With the help of google, I managed to track down the original line-up and invited them to a get-together. Sadly bassist Derek/Les are no longer playing, but vocalist Elaine McLeod and drummer Nigel Fitzpatrick were game.

Allen Walton (ex She Said) stepped in to help out on bass, but unfortunately had too many musical commitments to stay long. Out of the blue, bassist Michael “Max” Wall (ex Past Seven Days) signed up and we started rehearsing. We played a gig for my 60th birthday party, playing some of our old “classics”. However, Max and Nigel decided to step back – the life style of us oldies doesn’t always allow for rock’n’roll.

Elaine and I have recently found a new rhythm section (the fabulous Short Brothers!) and are relaunching our quest for pop stardom! Or something….


Red Zoo

Recent events have had me digging through my archives to back when I was nearly a contender. This track from ’81 by “Red Zoo” was

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