Lost Garden are a dark ambient (or pick your own genre!) band performing quasi-improvised instrumental pieces. Nick Robinson brings fellow musicians on board.

Andy Peake (ex Comsat Angels) was featured on their debut LP Cotyledon. The two musicians meshed beautifully (often impossible to identify who plays what!) and compare the performance process to “painting with sound” where dynamics and timbre are key elements. They used keyboards, guitars and loops to improvise pieces – captured and taken back to the “studio” for re-arranging, mixing and post-treatment.

More recently, Jan Gilhooley (A Collection Of Notes) has been playing live with the band.

A new album is under way, due for release by the next pass of Halley’s comet.

Lost Garden played their first gig with the new line-up at Bishops’ House last night, supporting the wonderful Isis Moray. A good time was had by all! Below some photos from Peter Bargh.

Due to Andy’s commitments elsewhere, he has had to withdraw from the band, but his place has been filled by Jan Gilhooley (A Collection Of Notes) and they are working on new material.

Here’s a video of Nick & Jan along with Peter Challoner, jamming at Bishops’ House

We’ve given an unreleased track “Cut Engage” to the crowdfunding appeal to save the shops on Devonshire Street – a really worthy cause, please call by and pledge some money – you’ll get a huge selection of wonderful music. We need to let these developers change their plans or an invaluable part of our heritage will be lost forever.


The Star has run a piece about us playing at Record Collector, sadly, due to space restraints, it’s likely to be me on my own. More details to follow.

Lost Garden were asked to support Danse Society at West Street Live, Sheffield on 25/06/15. At the end of their set, we got up to play one of their songs, Message in the wind” and then the old Comsat classic, Independence Day. Here’s a rough-ish vid of the first number 😉