Nick Robinson – Lost Garden

I’ve been quietly releasing solo material for 30 years, with no dramatic signs of commercial success, but it’s never been about the money, despite the fact that money would allow me to make more music! However, it’s mostly been DIY, so when Discus Music offered me the chance to release an album, I gratefully accepted.

My approach is to both record new audio and also make use of sections from live recordings. I find it  almost impossible to create the freedom of live expression when sat at home. Equally, my live pieces are necessarily continuous evolution, so bringing them into a new context allows me to create a structure and to overdub.

I was given clear guidance from label boss (and fellow Das Rad inmate) Martin Archer.  “Only guitar!”, he said, so everything you hear is either acoustic or electric guitar. Apart from the bells of Cologne, used as a live sample. You may not spot it…

I’ve been ploughing this musical furrow for nearly 30 years, trying to escape the influences of my youth and to find my own “voice”. With this album, I feel I have finally achieved this and reached a point where although you may detect influences, there is nobody out there who sounds quite like this!

My music is often melancholic and can be dark, but this is tempered with controlled aggression and challenging sounds. My lifetime ambition is to bring a listener to tears (in a good way!)  to create an emotional connection. You probably can’t dance to it, but swaying might be possible.

Thanks to big brother Simon for the artwork. The first copies will include one of a set of original 1938 Wills Cigarettes “Gardening Tips” cards, used as inspiration for the cover! These will be placed in an original origami envelope folded by Nick (who is a professional Origami Artist in his day job!)

What they say:
Steve Hackett (Genesis): interesting with some excellent playing and innovative atmosphere. I wish you luck with the project.

Adrian Belew (King Crimson): I liked it very much. All the best in this crazy world we now have…

Paul McMahon (Haze): By turns Ambient, Aggressive, Ethereal, Discordant, Thoughtful and Melodic, it’s stunning that all of this music was made on the guitar. A fabulous piece of work!

Michael Peters (looping guitarist): I like it, great guitar textures, a healthy dose of chaos and of course, lyrical passages…

Zal Cleminson (SAHB): Beautifully atmospheric and creative guitar work.

If you want to review this, please get in touch and I can share the complete audio files

Released 01/01/22 by Discus Music

Here are the final moments of the 18 minute track “Bunting Nook”.