I’ve just been listening through the Lost Garden follow-up album which was scratched when Andy Peake had to leave due to various life pressures. Call me biased but I think it’s just brilliant and too good to leave on my hard drive, I may consider a bandcamp release, since I’m not at all sure a CD version would (sadly) recover costs…

Here’s a sample track

In search of massive fortunes, here’s a plug for our debut CD.

A nice photo from a gig at Bishops’ House with Lost Garden..

garden bh may

LG played a gig in Nottingham last night, at Lee Rosy’s Tea emporium, home of the wonderful Church of Sound events curated by Jez Creek. Listening back to the audio, as ever, I realise that it was probably more successful than I thought at the time – when you’re “in the moment”, juggling patches, loops & FX, it’s hard to be objective! We need to work on endings as well 😉

Here’s some photos from Anthony Bloxham (the pro ones!) and Jez.

Here’s a video of the latter half of the second piece.

bargh1The two pieces from our recent set, our debut with the new lineup! Pic by Peter Bargh.

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track 1 stream
track 2 stream

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      track 1 download

      track 2 download

As the other half of our CD launch, we played a short set (due to a maximum of 1 hours parking, with a warden hanging around!) at Record Collector in Broomhill, Sheffield, by invitation of owner and amazing music fan Barry Everard. We recommend you buy our CD (and any others!) from there 😉

We had a private launch of our debut CD at the truly wonderful cafe#9 in Nether Edge, run by my old mate Steve Genn. A select audience enjoyed coffee and soundscapes!  Thanks to Mark Mettam for his amazing light show, to Jan Todd for the photos and to all those who bought the CD 😉

Now on to the public launch at Record Collector this lunchtime!

From the March gig in Burton. Shot by Phil Booth – very atmospheric!