DISCUS 121CD – Format: CD / DL – Release date: 1st November 2021

Weight Of Clouds


The Weight of Clouds is the third album for multi-instrumentalist frostlake (Jan Todd) and is a double length box of delights.  It is a large collection of songs written 2020-2021, when staying in was the new going out.

It builds on the debut CD White Moon, Black Moon’s observation of the natural world and the second CD Ice & Bone’s reflection and personal memories. This new album takes a step into daylight towards skies and stars, away from dark dreams and horrors, but still maintains an unsettling, eerie calm in very British psychedelia.

A strong song-writing partnership has developed between Jan and Terry Todd and half of the material is co-written. Terry Todd’s acoustic bass and 12 string guitar hold together rolling rhythms in psychedelic soundscapes, often made otherworldly with Jan Todd’s hushed or layered, soaring vocals. The more organic voices of assorted acoustic instruments blend into atmospheric electronics, giving that distinctive frostlake feel.

The Weight of Clouds is an eclectic mix, from the bold and upbeat cinematic, quirky or stripped back guitar and vocals, to the ambient or quietly pastoral and is one to dip into time and again.

Jan Todd – vocals, voices, lyrics, acoustic/electric/12 string guitars, E-bow, floor harp, cross strung harp, soprano lyre, jouhikko, alto tagelharpa, viola, e-violin, clarinet, melodica, Hulusi flutes, Idiopan, Korg MS2000, midi keys, Korg wave-drum, Drum creations, percussion, electronics, field recordings.

Terry Todd – acoustic-electric bass guitar, 12 string guitar.