Das Rad 10″ vinyl – Qul Na Qar and Alysum  tracks Discus Music 2021
Das Rad Miniatures – 60 Second Man single track R&ER 2021
Nick Robinson Dreams To Fill The Vacuum 4 tracks Cherry Red 2020
Nick Robinson Looper’s Delight 2020 Compilation Für Ali Bandcamp 2020
Das Rad Adios Al Futuro all tracks Discus Music 2020
Nick Robinson Experiments in Minimalism all tracks Bandcamp 2020
Nick Robinson Chain Tape Collection all tracks Bandcamp 2020
Lost Garden Senescense all tracks Bandcamp 2019
Nick Robinson Awakenings 2018 all tracks Bandcamp 2018
Das Rad Das Rad all tracks Discus Music 2018
Combat Astronomy Symmetry Through Collapse Kyber / Hik Mahl Hisze Discus Music 2017
Meson 5C4L3 Beware the Signals (plus remixing) Discus Music 2016
Red Zoo Help Me Bandcamp 2016
Lost Garden Cotyledon all tracks English Electric 2015
Nick Robinson Live at Bishops House 2105 all tracks Bandcamp 2015
Lost Garden Awakenings 2014 volume 1.5 Finifugal ambientlive 2013
Nick Robinson Awakenings 2013 volume 1 Deep Blue ambientlive 2013
Meson Manganese Lion all tracks Mesonica 2012
Nick Robinson CT Collective One Minute My Newt & sexaginta secundis CT Collective 2012
Nick Robinson CT Collective Harmonics Ahh Monique CT Collective 2011
Meson The Tarana 100 Sessions all tracks Mesonica 2011
Nick Robinson Awakenings Live 2011 all tracks Bandcamp 2011
Nick Robinson In The Arms of Angels Galgaliel 2011
Meson Killing By Degrees all tracks & production Mesonica 2011
Nick Robinson CT Collective Reverb Battle of the Reverb Plate CT Collective 2011
Nick Robinson No Worn Bearings all tracks Gobbladisks 2010
Nick Robinson International Email Audio Art Project Volume 5 Minute Homemade Music Movement 2010
Meson Thermodynamic Horizon all tracks & production Mesonica 2010
Nick Robinson CT Collective Quartet Fourplay CT Collective 2009
Nick Robinson CT Collective Nature Bleaklow CT Collective 2008
Nick Robinson CT Collective Zodiac Capricorn CT Collective 2008
Nick Robinson CT Collective Acoustic 2 Vivacia CT Collective 2008
Nick Robinson CT Collective Birds Careless Raptor CT Collective 2008
Nick Robinson CT Collective Birds & Men Pheasant Plucking CT Collective 2008
Fiskum Darkness /Fire / Dancing Winter Moon Mellow Pig 2007
Nick Robinson CT Collective Teisha Don’t Waste Your Wiener CT Collective 2007
Nick Robinson Awakenings 2007 1.5 Awake ambientlive 2007
Nick Robinson CT Collective Paper Music Canson CT Collective 2007
Nick Robinson CT Collective Great Speeches Churchill CT Collective 2006
Nick Robinson Awakenings 2006 2.5 Für Herr Forcher ambientlive 2006
Nick Robinson / Chris Meloche Outward Sound Ensemble Thunder In A Clear Sky Discus Music 2005
Nick Robinson Awakenings 2006 Spring ambientlive 2005
Nick Robinson One all tracks Gobblasdisks 2003
Comsat Angels From Beyond I Wanna Destroy You Cherry Red 2000
World Turtle Wilderness of Eden The Long Sleep Cyclops 056 1997
Loose Halos Live at the Taps all tracks Hendry Records 1994
736.9 Shutter Clutter LP Jung Mighty Sheffield 1990
Nick Robinson Chris McMahon Reveals – cassette. Phasers to Stun/Rodents of Unusual Size Gabadon Records 1989
Nick Robinson Lemonade & Cyanide LP Did I? Mighty Sheffield 1989
Sydney Bridge & the Harbour Love for all Seasons all tracks House of Cards 1988
Winston N’Gobola Vinyl Virgins LP A chat about Rhodesia Mighty Sheffield 1988
Dig Vis Drill The Best Of Premonition Tapes Fix the kitchen Premonition 1988
Dig Vis Drill Beats working for a living Fix the kitchen 1985
Dig Vis Drill Crank 12″ Cranking up Religion/Fix the Kitchen / I’m hip I’m Vain Native records 1985
Dig Vis Drill Performing Humans EP Fix the Kitchen Jabberwok records 1985
They must be Russians Red Square EP Once Again/Deep Desire Native records 1985
They must be Russians and other groundless accusations LP Judge & Jury (feedback) Native records 1985
Winston N’Gobola Cassette Meanwhile Company Classics 1 1985
Winston N’Gobola Company Classics 3 Prelude in A minor Company Classics 3 1985
Touch Cassette Lies & other classics 😉 Self published 1984
Touch Cassette Here on Earth/Bridge of Ashes Self published 1984
Silent Running Company Classics 1 Company Classics 1: Clubland Company Classics 1983
Typhoon Saturday 45 I have love/social insecurity Polydor Records 1983
Typhoon Saturday 45 Another Flight/Let’s Dance Polydor Records 1982
Typhoon Saturday 45 What do I do?/Fascination Polydor Records 1982
Red Zoo Bucket of Sleet Cass. Red Zoo/Did I? 1980