Premonition Tapes Prem 27

Compiled by DVD flatmate Paul J. Mills This tape represented the most popular material so far released on the Premonition Tapes label since its birth (up to and including May 1988). It’s also been released on CD.

Premonition – Escapegoat / Noseflutes, The – Leg Full Of Alcohol (Live) / Pulp – Maureen / Toffee Apple Forest, – The Journey Into Outer Space / Attrition – Take Five / Six, The – Pave The Way / Pick Meter And Mike Keane – In Your Eyes / Nihilistics, The – Breathing Space / Dig Vis Drill – Fix The Kitchen (Original Version) / Psychoterrorists, The – See Right Thru / Ambrose Reynolds – Miners Strike / Gallery, The – Shimmering With Light / Venus Fly Trap, The – Catalyst / Bland, The – Bang / Death Trash – Disciples Of Sleaze / Tools You Can Trust – Brace Yourself For Higher Standards

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