Lost Garden were an ambient duo (or pick your own genre) performing quasi-improvised instrumental pieces. Andy Peake (ex Comsat Angels) on keyboards and Nick Robinson (who was with Andy in the Comsats for a short spell) on guitar/loops.

Tracks were recorded for the projected follow-up to their debut album “Cotyledon” (released on English Electric Records), but Andy was unable to devote more time to the project and reluctantly bowed out. The tracks have been gathering dust on Nick’s hard drive, but he decided they were too good to keep hidden, so here is a posthumous release Senescence from the duo.


I’ve just been listening through the Lost Garden follow-up album which was scratched when Andy Peake had to leave due to various life pressures. Call me biased but I think it’s just brilliant and too good to leave on my hard drive, I may consider a bandcamp release, since I’m not at all sure a CD version would (sadly) recover costs…

Here’s a sample track

In search of massive fortunes, here’s a plug for our debut CD.

A nice photo from a gig at Bishops’ House with Lost Garden..

garden bh may

LG played a gig in Nottingham last night, at Lee Rosy’s Tea emporium, home of the wonderful Church of Sound events curated by Jez Creek. Listening back to the audio, as ever, I realise that it was probably more successful than I thought at the time – when you’re “in the moment”, juggling patches, loops & FX, it’s hard to be objective! We need to work on endings as well 😉

Here’s some photos from Anthony Bloxham (the pro ones!) and Jez.

Here’s a video of the latter half of the second piece.

bargh1The two pieces from our recent set, our debut with the new lineup! Pic by Peter Bargh.

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track 1 stream
track 2 stream

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      track 2 download

As the other half of our CD launch, we played a short set (due to a maximum of 1 hours parking, with a warden hanging around!) at Record Collector in Broomhill, Sheffield, by invitation of owner and amazing music fan Barry Everard. We recommend you buy our CD (and any others!) from there 😉

We had a private launch of our debut CD at the truly wonderful cafe#9 in Nether Edge, run by my old mate Steve Genn. A select audience enjoyed coffee and soundscapes!  Thanks to Mark Mettam for his amazing light show, to Jan Todd for the photos and to all those who bought the CD 😉

Now on to the public launch at Record Collector this lunchtime!

From the March gig in Burton. Shot by Phil Booth – very atmospheric!

A lovely photo from the recent Awakenings gig in Burton – thanks to Phil Booth!