bucket of sleet cassetteThis was a cassette format compilation of some of the best (unsigned) bands in Sheffield at the time.

My band Red Zoo’s tracks were recorded at Fairview studios and produced by Kevin Bacon (Comsat Angels). I can’t remember who organised this, it’s down as a “Ponderosa Product”. Max from Past 7 Days joined a reformed Red Zoo in 2020 for a short spell!

Drums – Nigel Fitzpatrick, Guitar – Nick Robinson, Vocals – Elaine MacLeod, Bass – Derek Taylor

A1 Red Zoo – Red Zoo 4:30
A2 Red Zoo – Did I? 4:02
A3 The Past 7 Days – That Feeling
A4 The Past 7 Days – Scene Of The Crime
A5 The Past 7 Days – 1,000,000 Murders
A6 Mark Mywords – Devil’s Pantry
B1 Mark Mywords – This Chameleon
B2 The Process – No More
B3 The Process – State Of Affairs
B4 New Model Soldier – Air Of Resentment
B5 New Model Soldier – Foster Kenzie

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  1. Hi Nick. This is the only website (apart from Discogs) where I can find info about this compilation. You don’t have a link for a download by any chance, do you?

    1. I don’t. It sounds relatively trivial, but I wouldn’t want to share other people’s work without their permission.

  2. I guess hardly anyone will care after a whopping 33 years…plus, most of the band guys are glad that their music from the very old days would (incredibly enough) still arouse any interest after THREE decades…

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